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Who we are:
The Maryland Jeep Club is a rapidly growing off road club created for the Jeep enthusiast, even though we are not limited to Jeeps. The club was developed due to the lack of four-wheeling representation in the Annapolis and Frederick, MD area. Membership is free and we provide off roaders with chance to have fun, learn, and experience the outdoors when it is convenient for him/her. There is no voting, elections, dues, or attendance policy. Our members have a wide range of experience and age. All types of vehicles are welcome, from stock to heavily modified. We also have monthly club meetings to organize trips, check out each other's rigs, and enjoy great food. Joining the MJC is a great way to meet new people in MD, learn about four-wheeling, and teach others about off roading. Welcome aboard and we hope to see you on the trail!
What we expect from our members:
It is important that we portray the club in a good way in the community. Remember that no matter where you are, someone will notice...especially if you have the club stickers up! You must maintain respect for others and the community. It is also important to do that in our own home (ie the club forum). We have guests daily including local police, other wheelers, conservationists, etc. We would like to maintain the reputation of considerate, thoughtful community members with a passion for the outdoors, and four-wheeling. Please help us continue this tradition of respect for others.