Installation & Review: Rampage Trailview Halftop

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Installation & Review: Rampage Trailview Halftop

Post by RubiconFreedom » Thu May 07, 2020 11:56 am

We ordered the Trailview halftop for our 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport
2 weeks ago via Rockauto. There was
only one slight hold up. Seems the regular Fedex guy couldn't like the
refrigerator sized box. So fedex themselves had another, stronger
driver deliver the box to our door step.

Once I was able to drag the box to the basement, I set out to build
the door surrounds first. The paper direction were a bit confusing as
they only showed how to build one side and not both sides. so getting
all the origination of the parts lined up was a bit difficult.
However, I had some help. I cheated a bit and watched a video as
offered by Northridge4x4 on the installation of a fastback trailview.
The first part of the video shows how our sunrider option would
attached to the jeep.

The first issue we encountered was that the middle section of the door
surrounds did not have any screw holes which were need to create the
full Length of the surround. I drilled the missing holes myself.

Next, I didn't have enough of the bagged kit screws and had to ad lib
with some I have left over from a previous build. Once the surrounds
had been completed, I moved on to the placement of the sunrider into
the fabric. The next issue came when some of the button snaps, didn't
line up correctly with each other.

Moving onto the sunrider placement and mounting up the hardware, One
of four attache bolts broke during the mounting process. But again, I
had my own bucket of spare hardware just in case.

The following Sat, We had a small window within the weather forecast
to get this top on. Doing a preliminary install, then driving several
hours in the sunshine as to allow the soft top to relax and just warm
up so we could pull and stretch the fabric over tabs around the jeep.

The next issue we encountered, was the puddle pole that lifts the rear
cargo cover as to allow water drain off, was suppose to have went into
sewn pockets on the rear cover. But with the cover attached to the
body, We didn't like how these poles accentuated the fabric making it
look lumpy and could cause a wear point over time. So we opted to
modify the puddle pole to fit and tie down with 2 bolts and 2 rubber
grommets in a notched location at the cargo area.

The last issue, The kit came with a 4 piece retaining bar bracket
which needed to be built then installed on the back of the jeep. After
creating this rod retainer bracket, I attempted to snap it in place
and one of these brackets broke in half. Fortunately, I was able to
use the factory retaining brackets.

With warmer weather, the top has cinched up tightly without any
ripping at the pull straps, seams or any leaks. This was the main draw
for this type of top as it's been designed better than the factory
soft top. But we'll keep an eye on the most common areas where soft
top have been known to leak.

One of the main things we like about this top, is that the factory
took the time to actually rubberize the seams to weather proof the
seals. I was all set up with the elmers glue to weatherize the seals,
but realize they had already been done by the factory with a
rubberized strip to all of the seams.

On an assembly skill level scale of 1-5 stars, I've give this a very
hard 4 out of 5 stars. but this is all because parts were missing or
parts broke. But don't let this denture you from buying this top. Be
ready to ad lib and make adjustments because this top would be very
hard to seen back if you unboxed and build everything before hand.
We've waited for this soft top for 3 years and it was worth it.

As a side note, Rampage & Lund International offer the best warranty
in the business on there trailview soft tops. Most other soft tops
manufactures offer a limited 1 year warranty. Where as the Trailview
has a 3 year warranty and because of the construction and attention to
small details, I doubt you'll ever have to deal with a warranty issues
in the future.

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