Brake fade question...

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Brake fade question...

Post by mmacro » Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:37 am

I replaced my master cylinder last year because my brakes went out. Not long after I started to get brake fade again, but with different symptoms. The brake light/buzzer goes on and they start to fade when applying the brakes. But when you let off the brakes and apply a little gas they come back.

I tried reseating the vaccume hose to the assist/engine and cinching down the connections with zip ties in case there was a leak there. That seemed to help a little, but it could be my imagination.

Also, when coming to a stop the TJ seems to rock forward and back a little. Could my rear drums not be engaging completely, letting the front disks do the work, causing the inertia to shift forward and the shocks/springs then push back and cause the rocking?

Any advice? I thought the replacement MC might be defective (rebuilt one). But I thought that it might be a problem with the vaccume assist.
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Re: Brake fade question...

Post by cmecha » Fri Sep 06, 2013 8:56 pm

Did this happen before you replaced the mc? Check the seals on the mc.

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