Can Anyone Go On The Trail Rides?


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Can Anyone Go On The Trail Rides?

Post by wrks6 » Tue Jan 31, 2006 4:05 pm

Yes, as long as you have the required equipment.
Required equipment includes:
__ Solid recovery points front and rear (factory tow hooks, d-rings/shackles, etc)
__ Full size spare tire - proper psi
__ Tire iron/lug wrench with socket for locks if you have them
__ Jack - enough to support vehicle on and off road
__ Seatlbelts - for drivers and passengers
__ Solid battery tie down - no bungies, etc
__ Roll over protection - metal roof, roll cage, etc (stock cage is fine)
__ First aid kit - bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, splints, etc (at least 1 in the group)
__ Trash bags
__ Jumper cables (you should have them in your vehicle anyway)
__ Towels - clean off mud inside windshield, etc (you'll use them much more than you think)
__ Tow strap with no metal hooks or rings (make sure at least 1 person in your group definitely has one that is rated to the proper capacity)

Other than that, our trail rides include everyone from first timers to experienced rock crawlers. On larger trail rides, we break up into groups to accommodate everyone's skill level and each group has a guide with wheeling experience.

Don't shy away if you have a stock Jeep and have never been off the pavement. We all had to start somewhere. Just have your wallet ready because you'll be dipping into it shortly after your first trip for modifications.

You also do not need a vehicle to go on a trail ride. If you want to be a right seater, just post asking if you can tag along with someone. There's always a spare seat and it's a great chance to see what we're all about.

NOTE: We are not responsible for our members behavior around the campfire on wheeling trips. It may scare some people. You have been warned. :lol:
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