How Do I Get Stars?


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How Do I Get Stars?

Post by wrks6 » Sun Feb 19, 2006 1:47 pm

The first two stars are based on post count. 25 posts for one star and the "Web Wheeler" rank. 100 posts for two stars and the "Trail Rated" rank.

3 stars and the "Active Member" rank are not based on post count. Please do not post excessively to raise your post count, expecting to become an "Active Member" and get 3 stars. In order to become an "Active Member", you have to show up to meetings and trail rides. Make your presence known.

Our club is growing rapidly and it is tough for administrators to keep up with all those who should be upgraded to "Active Member", since we do not take attendance at our meetings and trail rides. If you think you deserve to be one, please PM wrks6 and state your case.
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