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Post by evilelvis » Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:04 pm

Anyone sell their Jeep and regret it? I went back to school so I sold it a couple years ago. 03 Wrangler long arm blah too many dumb mods to list. The guy who bought it just called me almost 3 years later to ask for help replacing the rotors. I guess I was a dumb ass kid and had done a Warn 5x5.5 conversion so of course 2003 rotors won't fit!!! A machine shop can fix those rotors though so no big deal.

Last weekend I sold the 08 Grand Cherokee to get my wife a Mini. This high MPG lifestyle is killing me.

Dang it I miss those fuckers. I also just started grad school so I guess I have a few more years again before I can think about it because I have to pretend I am responsible now.

Are we still on the JK generation?

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Got Tow-strap?
Got Tow-strap?
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Re: Nostalgia

Post by Cowboy » Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:24 pm

Yo Bill!

I was having problems with my 05 Rubi, so I traded it off on a 16 JK Rubi....I miss the TJ, but damn the JK is nice.

First half of 2018 is the last of the JK Wranglers are JL.

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