Rate and Market update 1/21/2010!

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Rate and Market update 1/21/2010!

Post by el_flasko » Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:08 am

30yr dropped back into the high 4's and the 15yr is in the low to mid 4's

SIDE NOTE: The general concensus is that rates are going to start going back up mid year, and prior to this, FHA is going to tighten up their guidelines A TON. For those considering a refi, it's time to take a look. The new disclosure laws and much tighter guidelines, although they do serve a purpose, are hurting well qualified borrowers that should be able to take advantage of these great rates. My only advise is...please see if you can qualify now as it is only going to get tougher in the near future.

Purchases are still going strong and the $8000 first time buyer credit and the $6500 current owner/new buyer credit has as well. With rates like this and house prices the lowest they've been in years, the time to look is now.

As always, please email or call me with any questions or scenarios you would like to look thru

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