Rate Update 6/3/2010

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Rate Update 6/3/2010

Post by el_flasko » Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:00 am

First off, sorry I have not been on the boards for some time. I have been persuing some personal things with my son that kept me away from most of my hobbies for a while.

That said, I wanted to post up that in general, rates are stupid sick low right now as we had a pretty steep drop off last week. For well qualified borrowers, 30yr rates are in the mid to high 4's again, and the 15yr actually touched the high 3's the other day :o

There are also new government programs out there for borrowers that may be a little under water with their mortgage that will allow you to get the low rates. They're not easy to qualify for, but it is always worth a look.

Purchase business is booming in the mid-atlantic area with rates being so low and sellers offering seller credit for closing left and right. I have agent connections in the four surrounding states and am happy to refer you to someone if you happen to be looking.

Anyway, I wanted to catch everyone up on the market and just get myself back out there where I need to be. I hope all is well with everyone, and below is my contact info. PLEASE email me for best response and I will try to figure out the email notification issue I had prior (which I'm sure was user error).

Ryan Lowry
C: 410-804-5978
W: 410-670-7025
Ryan Lowry
Branch Manager
Work: 410-804-5978
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