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Post by boatingfool » Sun May 15, 2011 10:02 am

Yea, the trailer set up is a bit humorous.

A couple years ago when I went to buy the buggy in Virginia, I asked the dealership if it would fit on my 5’x8’ trailer. They said “no problem”. I asked again because vehicle in the photo looked to wide, they again said it would fit. It was not much wider than a side by side they said. Well, on faith I drive down from PA and dragged my little trailer. Well, when I got there I discovered the truth. Not one to be easily discouraged, I asked the manager to point me in the direction of the nearest Lowes and I would return in about an hour. I went to Lowes, bought a bunch of 2x6’s and 2x8’s and created the contraption in the photo. It was never intended to be a permanent solution to transport. The trailer’s primary use is as a kayak/canoe trailer (I build a rack to haul 4 kayaks, 2 canoes and bicycles behind our RV).

The wife and I have been considering moving from the class C RV to a 5th Wheel toy hauler. We haven’t really decided yet, so I haven’t been too motivated to swap out the trailer for a larger tandem axle flatbed.

But I figure, the redneck trailer fits the Georgia flag on the front of the truck. If anyone asks about the trailer, I simply refer them to the Georgia Flag on the front of the truck.

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Not a Jeep owner, sorry.

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