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Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber,


BRC just received the latest issue of Utah Shared Access Alliance News from Mike Swenson, Executive Director of USA-ALL ( What a great read. Please pay particular attention to the article Change the World: Volunteer, because they could really use your help to get some important on-the-ground projects done in and around Factory Butte.

I have pasted a copy of the USA-ALL News below. Please take a couple of minutes to read it over and pass it along.

Thanks for your time,
Ric Foster
Public Lands Department Manager
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 107

PS: You can join USA-ALL via their website at


Current Happenings Nov. 7, 2008

In This Issue
Empowering User Groups
Change the World: Volunteer
Inevitable Wilderness

Empowering User Groups

You know the old saying you can feed a man a fish and feed him for a day or teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Well USA-ALL is begriming a new project to empower user groups by teaching them how to engage in land use issues in their respective local areas. We will begin with a series of regional meetings in Utah and then hold monthly meetings for any and all clubs and associations to attend. Or goal is to communicate better with local organizations and provide them with the tools and resource to protect the valuable local trails that most clubs are familiar with. We also hope to unite different user groups and bridge divides. We will be sending letters and e-mail to known clubs and associations notifying them of the meeting locations and dates. If you or your club would be interested in participating and want to see if we have you on our list Please call Mike on his cell at 801-830-9112.

Change the World: Volunteer
Immediate Need at Factory Butte

We have an opportunity for you to really help us make a difference, it will be fun and won't cost you a dime. Most of our members are pretty disgusted with the way the media and others portray those who like to get out of doors and ride OHVs or use our 4x4s to explore new places and old favorites. Justified or not we have an image problem and we must correct it anyway we can.

We have a HUGE opportunity for you to do some good in the world and help us begin to improve the reputation of recreationists here in Utah. You may recall the recent intense battle over access to the Factory Butte area in south central Utah. While we didn't get all that we wanted we did win and maintain the best access in the area. It looked at one point as though all was lost, but through impressive collaborative effort between USA-ALL, local governments, and local clubs an acceptable compromise was reached. Our radical counterparts didn't think the compromise was so great but hey, they only got 90% of what they wanted.

But I digress. BLM and local clubs are anxious to get important on the ground projects underway and completed. This is where we and hopefully you come in. We need to marshal an army of volunteers to complete some WELCOMED fencing, kiosk installation, and other projects immediately around Factory Butte. For those that don't know this is a wide open paradise a few minutes west of Hanksville on Highway 24. It is roughly a 3 hour drive from the Provo Orem area.

Why you should care about this is because we as a community need to become involved in the ACTIVE management of public land. This is an opportunity to do just that. If we contribute a little bit of sweat equity in these types of projects there will be rewards for us and future generations.

The immediate benefit is this, those who believe our community takes from the land and gives nothing back will have to explain why it is that our community was the ones on the ground installing fencing, signs, kiosks, and supporting a plan that isn't perfect and isn't everything we wanted. USA-ALL supports the plan because it still allows people to have meaningful recreational experiences and yet protect the environment.

The bottom line is we believe that if we can bring hundreds of folks and work on these projects we will show the world the character of our community and that we exemplify the true meaning of the term "environmentalist." That is a term that has been hijacked by extremists, and has unwarranted negative connotations. It truly is a noble word and one many of us should be proud to be called . We are the ones who love and use the land, and we are the ones who also care for it.

Here is your chance to truly make a difference. It is a contribution you can make and one that can't be substituted with money. If you're interested local clubs and BLM have arranged two work days on the 21st and 22nd of November. That's in a few short weeks. We would like the concentration of us to go those days. Bring the whole family, scouts, church group, just bring all those you can. If you can't make those days there are other projects in the area that can be done by a couple of guys or smaller groups.

For those who can go on the either the 21st or 22nd please call me on my mobile at 801-830-9112, we will coordinate that effort, for those that can't make those days but would be willing to offer your help on another day call Sue Fivecoats with the BLM Richfield Field Office at (435)-542-3261.

Please, Please, Please take some, make some time, to come out and get involved. I cannot understate how important it is that you do, EVEN if you don't visit this amazing area, your help is needed and someday others will return the favor to you when your favorite place is in need. Lets all unite yes even you snowmobilers and do some good in the world!

Inevitable Wilderness?

Imagine nearly 40% of the approximately 22 million acres managed by BLM in our state designated as Wilderness. Along with almost all the roads imagine the loss of access to historical places, resources, and you favorite camp sites, trails, or riding areas.

A Wilderness designation would make much of these things inaccessible to most Americans and we find this unacceptable. The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) thinks over 9 million acres of Wilderness in Utah is not only acceptable but a great idea. Of course they do. Then they and their out of state supporters would have a monopoly on public land. The huge foundations that give millions to SUWA and whose parent companies pillaged the land in the east can now buy themselves a clear path to heaven and a good nights sleep. Sure SUWA and their supporters claim to protect the environment, but really is it about anything other than control and power? If they're so concerned about the environment why don't they put more money into service projects and education and less into suing taxpayers and governments?

SUWA has been pushing for their Wilderness bill for over a decade. Amazingly the bill grew by millions of acres over a few short years. Apparently they had missed a few million acres of untouched pristine land. It easy to do when you travel roads and trails inventorying "roadless" areas. Funny you also encounter vehicles on roads and trails, no wonder why they think the land is overrun with them. Maybe they should try hiking off road once in a while.

So far we have been fortunate. But I am afraid our luck has run out. Now it's time to roll up ourselves, take of the gloves and really get ready to rumble. The political climate has prevented them from making too much progress, but they have been tenacious in pushing for the closure of public land in Utah. With the recent elections and inevitable change coming to Washington D.C. SUWA sees a much anticipated opportunity, and they will capitalize on it with all due haste. This is evidenced by the recent posts on their website. You MUST read this post SUWA Message.

Now folks, I am not a conspiracy theorist nor do I cry the sky is falling when it isn't, but you must believe me when I say this is serious. This is very serious. SUWA will have the best shot they have ever had of taking away your ability to visit those favorite place you and your family enjoy. Well I take that back, you can walk to them if you want.

This harms all of us on a personal level, it harms us on an economic level, it harms our local governments ability to gain money to fund K-12 education, and therefore harms our school children public education, it harms our ability to be energy independent, it harms our land managers ability to manage the land, and the list goes on. Excessive Wilderness designations areas simply plain harmful and wrong.

Luckily none of Utah's congressional delegation support the Wilderness push, but radical senators and congressmen from other states do, and they will again introduce the bill for consideration come January. Now before you cry yourself to sleep tonight know this, there is hope, and there are things we can do stop this from occurring.

Our ability to prevent the otherwise inevitable and intervene will wholly depend on you and the choices you make. Government hasn't been very effective at representing you lately, nor are we convinced that without serious prodding will they help us much on the issue of Wilderness. This is where USA-ALL and our partners come into play. We carry a big stick, and we know how to prod elected representatives. USA-ALL will vow to fight on your behalf to the best of our ability. We have successfully beat pro-wilderness clowns in court, on the field, and in the halls of congress before. We can do it again.

If you want us to stop these broad Wilderness designations it is imperative that ALL of you join our organization and unite with us in defending our home and our way of life. By joining with us we join your voice with thousands of others against harmful wilderness designations, and possibly in support of other areas that may be a good place to preserve as Wilderness. We aren't completely closed to the idea of some Wilderness. But certainly not over 9 million acres of it. As a member of USA-ALL we keep you posted on all the important happenings regarding your ability to enjoy public land in Utah, chances to make a difference by volunteering, and tips on how, when, and why to contact elected or government officials. We work on your behalf everyday, and advocate for your interests to all. We hope you will sense the urgency of the looming issues, choose to join our organization, and give us the opportunity to serve you. If not us please join another organization that better represents you and will work to make our shared world a better place.
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